bt365官方app is one of the oldest and most distinguished liberal arts institutions in the country. Liberal arts education expands our horizons, develops our capacities, and deepens our humanity. The alumni of W&L are living proof that the pursuit of one's intellectual interests for their own sake is an exceptional foundation for accomplishment in any arena and for making significant contributions to society.

我们最宝贵的财富,是我们社会的质量。优秀的文科教育取决于天赋,奉献,多样性表征我们的学生,教师和工作人员。荣誉系统的运力,预计每个学生要为人才是值得社会各界人士的信赖责任。这种普遍培养互相尊重和文明守信,结下了大家庭bt365官方app成员之间强有力的纽带。我们的教师都致力于教师和学者秉持最高的学术标准,并采取在学生的生活产生了个人利益。我们在每一个员工感到自豪了解,使重要贡献的大学的成功。我们的校友是非常忠诚和慷慨,他们 母校.

W&L's curriculum reflects an abiding spirit of innovation and public service, and the courage to be different within higher education. We are distinguished from other top liberal arts colleges in virtue of having an accredited undergraduate school of commerce and a venerable law school. Each of our three academic units is strengthened by its meaningful collaborations with the others, all in the service of our joint university mission.

bt365官方app is committed to institutional citizenship. We regard liberal arts education as an important public good, of value not only to our students and alumni, but also to the larger communities in which we live. W&L strives to make a positive difference in 列克星敦, Rockbridge County, and beyond.

bt365官方app is a modern university located on a campus of great natural beauty and national significance. The Shenandoah Valley is a glorious setting in which to live, work, and play. Our built environment — from the ruins of Liberty Hall to the Colonnade, Lee Chapel, Doremus Gymnasium, and the Ruscio Center for Global Learning — reminds us that the history of W&L spans the four centuries of our country. We take inspiration from the fact that so many generations have come before us, walking these same hills and bricks, sharing our devotion to liberal arts education.

我们有理由自豪我们的区别,但从来没有自满。我们的优势之一是封装在我们的座右铭最持久的精神: futuri非incautus  - 绝不忽视未来 - 这体现了我们对自我检查的承诺,以询问我们如何能够真正对自己,而渐入佳境另外,问我们如何才能以更有助于世界,正等待我们的学生。它是在保持着这种精神,我们已经制定的ESTA战略计划。





bt365官方app is a welcoming, friendly, and mutually supportive community. Our students, faculty, and staff prize the trusting, respectful, and civil environment on our campus. We are united by our mission, diverse in our thinking, perspectives, and interests, and devoted to each other and to W&L.


  1. 维持我们区分价值,学术和专业卓越,知识的多样性
  2. 提高我们的学生,教师和工作人员的种族,社会经济和国际多样化
  3. Include, engage, and connect all members of our community to W&L and each other




Creating a more diverse community at W&L is also essential to fulfilling our stated mission of preparing students for personal achievement, responsible leadership, and engaged citizenship in a global and diverse society. The 21st century calls upon all of us to appreciate the value of diverse experiences, and to discover and create ways to draw upon our differences for the common good. Employers recognize the value of these skills and increasingly prioritize recruiting on campuses that offer diverse pools of prospective job candidates.

Cultivating the potential of students, faculty, and staff from all backgrounds is a powerful form of institutional citizenship, through which W&L can make a significant contribution to the future of our increasingly diverse country. Quality liberal education overcomes mutual misunderstanding, unites people across their differences, and provides all with the opportunity for success.

Each member of our community must be able to thrive at bt365官方app. As we become increasingly diverse, we must work to ensure that all students, faculty, and staff are fully included and engaged in university life. This is critical not only to the success of each individual, but also to sustaining the quality of our community, which depends upon a shared feeling of attachment to W&L.



  • 申请人承认是最强的,无论家庭经济状况的

2. "Full W&L Experience" for every W&L student

  • 消除课内,课外,和课外参与资金壁垒
  • 提供高品质的住宅,餐饮,面向全体学生的社会选择


  • Communicate W&L's values and opportunities to prospective students, faculty, and staff
  • 招募深和多样化的申请人池的本科和法学院录取
  • 对于教师和工作人员岗位招聘深和多样化的申请人池
  • Involve athletics and the arts in recruiting excellent students from all backgrounds to W&L


  • Develop a signature program to attract the best law students to W&L


  • Deepen student connections to W&L through the Office of Inclusion and Engagement
  • 拓展运动和娱乐的机会:垒球代表队,郊游俱乐部,体育俱乐部
  • 培育学生的幸福与健康和辅导资源
  • 增强学生的学习成果职业和专业发展随着资源
  • 随着教职员工留住员工发展和职业机会




W&L is dedicated to the highest-quality teaching across the university. We offer small classes taught by skilled faculty who are devoted to helping students cultivate their considerable potential. Classroom teaching is supplemented by high-impact opportunities for participation in research, experiential learning, study abroad, internships, and legal clinics.


  1. 投资于文科21世纪教育
  2. 建立在我们独特的课程结构
  3. 支持创新的教学和学生的成功



W&L has been distinguished since the 19th century by its integration of explicitly pre-professional subjects with the liberal arts. This is a competitive advantage today, when prospective students and parents are often focused on the relationship between college education and career opportunities. Our curricular structure, and the resources of our law school, allow us to offer courses and majors that are unavailable at other top liberal arts colleges. This distinction can help us attract talented students to W&L, where we should ensure that every student, no matter his or her major, receives an excellent liberal education.

Faculty members often spend decades teaching at W&L. Making available professional development opportunities so that our teachers can continue to hone their craft over the course of their careers is a critical investment in our mission. We must also ensure that our students have ready access to the academic resources they need to benefit fully from all that a W&L education has to offer.



  • 稳健并公开倡导文科的价值
  • 确保我们的学生的简历提供的所有文科教育我们的使命的服务


  • 支持21世纪的科学教学和研究的需要


  • 加强跨学科教育


  • 扩大对非专业产品在学校威廉姆斯


  • 开发一个法学本科研究项目涉及所有三个学术单位


  • 为学生提供全面的学术支持服务
  • 提供机会为教师教学持续发展



bt365官方app是公民意识和前瞻性。通过座右铭ITS指导 -  futuri非incautus  - 该机构一直要求在每个时刻在其悠久的历史,它是如何作出最大贡献,不仅自身的学生的成功,而是存在于他们将居住的国家和世界。自由厅学院在边境提供教育为新成立的美国开始向西扩张。华盛顿学院促成和解和国家重建的,因为它力求从内战造成的破坏中恢复过来。

bt365官方app University continues to embrace institutional citizenship in many forms. The Shepherd Program prepares students to work with disadvantaged communities to address the problems associated with poverty. The Environmental Studies Program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the causes, consequences, and solutions to environmental problems, and offers associated service-learning opportunities. The Center for International Education guides students as they chart their paths toward becoming engaged citizens in a global and diverse society. The Connolly Center for Entrepreneurship annually hosts a vibrant social impact summit. The Mudd Center for Ethics involves students and faculty from all three schools at W&L in addressing significant issues of public and professional ethics. The Law School's legal clinics and externships help meet the need for legal assistance in the region and enable students to develop client contact and advocacy skills. The Office of 社区-Based Learning coordinates efforts across the university to integrate academic study and civic engagement with community partners.


  1. 报价方案旨在促进负责任的领导,为他人服务,以及公民参与
  2. 教并提出我们的制度史尽可能全面和准确
  3. 负责任的管家我们的资源



We achieve our largest social impact through the education of our students. By teaching thousands of young people to engage, to serve, and to lead, we indirectly benefit communities all over the world. Such teaching also benefits local partners directly, as our students work with them in the course of their studies at W&L.





  • 投资于课内,课外,和课外活动计划培育这些特质


  • 目前我们的内部和外部的历史选区,全面,准确地
  • 与相关合作伙伴探索博物馆和历史遗迹


  • 制定和实施一项行动计划,以满足我们的气候承诺
  • 继续建设以LEED认证标准
  • 识别和优化的机会,以减少资源消耗和废物




bt365官方app已经小心地保护我们的校园的历史风貌,作为每天提醒这一关键我们的工作 - 提供教育准备的年轻人,对个人成就和公共服务 - 传导自18世纪来过这里。我们进行的今天,建筑这项工作是国家历史地标,并在现代化的设施,满足21世纪的教学和学习独特的需求。我们的校园物理体现博雅教育的持久的价值,并作为丰富的现场教学生关于美国历史和自然世界。


  1. 提供一流的设施,支持我们的使命
  2. 把我们的教育性质的设置和历史校园的充分利用


Our campus should attract people to W&L, support their work, and enrich their lives. Prospective students, faculty, and staff should be able to perceive the distinctive opportunities afforded by studying, teaching, and working at bt365官方app. Our residence halls, dining facilities, classrooms, labs, libraries, and performance spaces constitute an environment in which we strive to offer education of the highest caliber. Our natural and historic setting, which distinguishes W&L from other colleges and universities, should be presented in ways that make its appeal evident to prospective members of the community.



  • Introduce prospective students to the quality, affordability, and distinctions of W&L


  • 扩展和升级,以支持21世纪的教学和研究


  • 扩展和升级设施,以支持教学,学习和会议需求


  • 扩展支持性能需求


  • 在Leyburn的图书馆重新规划空间


  • 在埃尔罗德公共空间重新调整


  • 支持垒球代表队的加成


  • Create a modern campus museum to present W&L history comprehensively and accurately
  • Take full advantage of the educational potential of our campus to teach W&L history